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Jay is Games


Posted: 12 Mar 2010 08:00 AM PST

Platform: Flash — ImmorTall Experience the world from the point of view of an alien who only wanted to help and ended up paying the price for it. Tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, interactiveart, macwinlinux, narrative, pixelante, rating-y, sidescroller

Link Dump Friday

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 09:00 PM PST

Link Dump Friday Games featured this week: Keyboard Mayhem; Valthirian Arc; DuckLife; GeoGame; Sideways — Friday has once again arrived to shower you with pre weekend joy and a fine assemblage of games indeed! Test your geography skills, your typing skills, your... duck... skills?... hmm. Well, it's awesome. Just trust us. Tagged as: blog, browser, linkdump

Blast RPG

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 03:00 PM PST

Platform: Flash — Blast RPG The steadfast knight in this latest game from Nitrome has decided that all that romping through dank dungeons and random-encounter-laden forests is overrated; instead, he launches himself out of a cannon through waves of enemies and sees how far he can get. Click your mouse to fire the cannon at the get-go, accounting for angle and power, and then hold the left mouse button down in a direction to give the airborne knight a general idea of where he should aim for. Tagged as: action, arcade, browser, flash, free, game, macwinlinux, nitrome, rating-g, rpg, tossing


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