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Best Phone Call Prank Gone Wrong

Here is the funniest phone call prank going wrong. Great way to find out the truth about some people though. What would you do in this situation. This will totally shock you it is not even funny! Actually it is, I hope their marriage is still fine after this. Watch and Enjoy!

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Here is an office Prank going wrong!

Watch this worker totally mess up in his office prank. You see it coming to whole way but I guarantee that you will laugh your butt off.

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Thanks and come back again.

Airplane Landing Game Really Fun

Here is an awsome airplane landing game I would like to share you people.
You fly in circles and you have to land on the landing strip and they give you a note! Fun and Addictive Game!

Play this fun Air Plane Landing Game

Have fun and if you are interested in buying air plane games check out Amazon.com they have a ton of fun games for cheap!

Touch Stupid Sign and Die Really

Here is a funny picture I had to show you of a sign I found.

Who are they going to write out the fine to? This is really dumb sign. Stay tuned for some more stupid news.

On the other note here is a fun airplane game online you can play.


Fun Racing Games You Must Play

Here is a list of 5 online racing games I suggest you play:
Ace Racer
Drag Racer 1
Drag Racer 2
Spy Hunter
TGFG Racer

These are just some fun racing games that you should play.

I hope you enjoy : )!

Welcome to Fun Games & Odd Stuff

Welcome and get ready to have some laughs. Just stupid and funny stuff will be going on here. If you want some serious material I suggest you go to CNN.com.

Brian P